Customer Reviews & Accolades

"Great time and great orientation to Kauai's secret beaches."

S. Dunn
"This is a beautiful island, thanks for the incredible tour!"

K. Hart
"Our day was a beauty, thanks for your commentary! It was a wonderful, enjoyable day."

S. Watson
"Comprehensive, entertaining, fantastic!"

C. Cassidy
"We had a great time!"

A. Davis
"Great day! Filled with fun and information. We truly enjoyed it!"

J. Brager
"We want you to know how much we enjoyed our Best of Kauai tour with tour guide Domi. He was an excellent guide: friendly, funny, interesting and knowledgeable. Of all tour guides we have had he was the best! You are lucky to have him. We feel like we got to see some of the "real" Hawaii, not only the usual tourist traps.

The small van was great also, it sure beats those big buses. We got to know the other passengers and had a wonderful time. I am so glad I booked this tour. Would recommend it to anyone. This tour "made" our Hawaii trip! It is one of the Hawaii memories that we tell our friends and family about the most. Best regards & "Hang Loose" to Domi (and his pig).

Don and Connie Dloser
Harrisburg, PA
"Your Best of Kauai tour and guide, Domi was the highlight of my entire vacation!"

Felicia D.
"Very informative, we enjoyed the Best of Kauai Tour immensely!"

C. Megan
“Steve was our extremely fun “ground” and “amphibious car” tour guide and Harry was our awesome AirVenture “aerial” tour guide.  Needless to say, we had the best day of our lives.  Steve was an absolute “crack up” tour guide.  He had us laughing all day.  He was also very well versed in the Island and knew very cool spots to take us too.  Having had a huge fear of heights for many years, taking the aerial tour was a bit nerve racking, but after ten minutes. in the air, I became calmer and enjoyed the amazing views from up above your beautiful island. I never once felt sick.  The day was a perfect one as we were able to see all of the Na Pali coast, Wiamea Canyon and the entire island due to the weather being so perfect.  Please let Steve know how much we appreciated his kindness and knowledge of the island.  I truly hope others take advantage of this awesome opportunity because it really made our vacation.”

Paul & Diana Quackenbush
Peoria, AZ
"Just wanted to let you know that the tour I took with Domi was the best!!! We had a great time and enjoyed learning about the Island and the people!"

Cathy Pritchett
"Great job on the Best of Kauai Tour! You made it personal and had a genuine presentation."

D. Goo
"The Best of Kauai Tour was Entertaining & Fantastic!"

C.A. Cassidy
"This may sound like an odd request, but I was vacationing in Hawaii from August 18-25, 2012 and I had Dominador Ragsac as my tour guide for your Best of Kauai tour and he was the highlight of my entire vacation. He MADE our vacation what it was. He taught us a lot of facts about Kauai that no other tour guide told us and he was just a blast. Later that day we also went to the Luau Kalamaku and he even ended up being one of the main characters in the Luau, which just blew us away. Me, my mother, grandmother, and my aunt were all vacationing there and we all agreed that Domi was the best part of our vacation. Him and his boar, Omar."

Felicia Dunkle
"I just had to write and say how much we loved Domi. We recently got married on a cruise to Hawaii on board the Star Princess (oct 22). On our day in Kauai we had booked a tour and never in our wildest dreams would we have expected someone like Domi. I truly believe he made Hawaii..."Hawaii" for us, and Kauai our favorite island. He was so knowledgeable and fun and took us off the beaten path of a regular tour. We felt like locals (forget the Hawaiian term for locals). There are things we will never husband and I are home now and constantly saying to each other.."You following me Brah?" We talk about Domi constantly. We felt like we made a true friend. Love you Domi...and thanks for taking us to see Omar...even though that because I'm afraid of birds I stayed in the van. " never in 5 yrs has this ever happened...someone on my tour afraid of birds!" We miss you a lot! Trying to find you on Facebook! Will see you soon for our next tour. Aloha! Hope you enjoy your birthday celebration!"

Jina and Jeff Coelho
"Steve picked us for a city tour of Kauai. After picking us up, we headed to drop off some of the people at the airport for their personal helicopter plane ride. That took some time of out trip. We headed to the falls that were beautiful and then had to return back to the airport. We then headed to the Fern Grotto (I thought it was long ride). That was our morning followed by lunch. In the afternoon he showed some beautiful scenic beaches, local historical spots, and the gorgeous lighthouse. Steve was very friendly and very informative about the island."

Balinda L
"My family and I enjoyed the tour. The tour guide Domi was knowledgeable and kept the pace of the tour upbeat and fun. I loved that the tour really took time to allow for exploration and photo opportunities. I got a through look at the island, the history and culture of the people of Kauai."

Sam C
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
"The best of kauai tour was a wonderful way to see the north and east island via back roads. We saw beaches, waterfalls, as well as the fern grotto. Steve provided a wealth of information. I strongly recommend the we know which beaches to visit today!"

Princeville, HI
"We signed up for a one day "Best of Kaua'i" tour with another couple and had a really wonderful day with our host and driver Domi. This was our fourth time in Kaua'i and we still learned a lot during our tour. Domi, a native of Kaua'i was incredibly friendly and helpful with lots of tips of things to see and do on our own. Domi resonates "Aloha" spirit! He even introduced us to his pet Wild Boar named Omar! We signed up for the fixed wing flight which was an optional part of the tour and really enjoyed this experience too. We had the "perfect" day for our flight as the skies were virtually cloud free. Kaua'i is simply beautiful and a really a fantastic holiday destination in Hawaii and taking this tour gave us a whole new appreciation for the island, its history and its people."

Brian M
"We toured with Steve and he was very informative and funny. He was amazing in remembering names and recognizing voices while he was driving. He also remembered where each of our were from. The van was a little crowded with 12 passengers but overall it was a fun day and gave us good insight for where we wanted to explore further. We included the flight portion which was very good, but I think you might have seen more on a helicopter tour."

Cindy W
"We were a group of 6 friends and enjoyed the tour with Domi very much! The tour was well organized, after a short drive and a lot of information given by Domi in a very humerous way, had a boat tour to the FERN GROTTO- and a nice tour in the ISLAND including a nice barbecue lunch we had a very nice experience and warmly recommend the day tour!!!"

Tova R
"Receive insider tips on beaches, good local restaurants, have somebody drive you to the local sites, and hear some good stories on the way. Lots of fun...ask for Steve."

Fairfax, VG
"As part of this tour we did the Wings Over Kuaii and Smith Family boat up to Fern grotto. We saw the Lighthouse. I would likely skip the Fern Grotto if it wasn't part of the tour. Our host, Steve, also took us to an excellent restaurant, Kountry Kitchen for lunch. He gave us good information on some of the recent history of the island, such as the 1982 and 1992 hurricanes, as well as info on some of the celebrities that live on the island. He did enjoy his job, going out of his way to point out a monk seal on the beach when we were at the lighthouse. Good thing to do early in your stay."

Dominic P
Calgary, Canada
"Book a combo package with Best of Kauai, door to door service, from resort to beaches to the waterfalls, airport and lunch. No better way to go. Steve was great, taking us to out of the way places, pointing out place to go and eat and telling us the history and culture of the island, not to mention a few jokes along the way."

Ron L
San Jose, CA
"Steve was our guide and he was great! He asked us what we had seen and what we hadn't and showed us around appropriately. It included a ride to the fern grotto (which people travel from all over the world come here to see but probably isn't for everyone), a flight with Air Ventures, entry into Kilauea Lighthouse and he showed us all the beaches we wanted to see and let us get out to take some spectacular photos. He did not take us to places everyone had seen unless someone wanted to revisit it. You take a tour based on what you are looking for and we were looking for and got was information we can use over and over again on our visits to this island! I would recommend this tour as a first day tour so you can use the information throughout your visit."

Shellie W
Santa Clara, CA
"Domi, our guide and teacher, provided a non-stop class-on-wheels. The beautiful sights are there with or without the narration. But with Domi, I began to understand the cultural value of nature in the life and rituals of the Ancient Hawaiians. If you are interested in understanding Hawaii from a Hawaiian, this is the place."

Stan G
Sebastolpol, CA